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Greg Martin: Role model…for lawlessness & hypocrisy

Greg Martin: Role model…for lawlessness & hypocrisy

  Facts can be painful inconveniences for arrogant men. And karma can be cruel to bullies and brutes. Take Bartlett Trustee Greg Martin, for example, who’s been caught illegally running a business out of his home from 1998 until last month. After leading the self-righteous attack on former Village President Mike Kelly for paying his property taxes late, Martin now finds himself in a hypocrite’s hell.

  Leading the pack of dogs bent on destroying a good man last fall, Martin lashed out unrelentingly. Suggesting that he was the moral standard-bearer for the Village Board, Martin boiled with phony outrage and denounced Mike Kelly:

You know what? You should lead by example.”

“I was always taught to lead by example, and we have to be above board.”

 “But we have a standard. We’re not one of the other towns in Chicagoland where things just get whitewashed. We have an image…and if something is not going right we have to address it. We have to fix it.

  All well and good, Mr. Martin. But on December 6, when former village trustee Jerry Faber asked you about why you ran your business illegally until your political coup put you under the spotlight, you just smirked and shook your head (see video “Airdo seizes power…” in the left column).

  Now, after another month of silence, additional scrutiny has finally prompted you to offer an explanation, a pathetic and incredible explanation: “I didn’t know all the ins and outs of Bartlett.”

  Oh, it’s that simple? Well, never mind then. After all, how could we expect you to know anything when you admit to looking into the issue only after your hypocrisy was exposed. Now you tell us (and expect us to believe) that you had no idea you needed a license to run your business in Bartlett.

  But as we said at the start, facts can be inconvenient to the arrogant, and we think you’re lying. Here’s why…

  During your campaign and immediately after your election to the village board, you said your first order of business would be to remove all the “red tape” you believed prevented new businesses from coming to Bartlett. You said that “we need to make it easier to come in here and start a business.”

  To believe you are honest, we’d have to believe: 

  1) Despite your best efforts, you were ignorant of the law, from the day you started your business in1998 right up to and until your campaign and election in spring of 2011;   

  2) Then, you became very knowledgeable about and critical of Bartlett business ordinances during and immediately after your campaign (but were apparently just too busy to comply with those laws you didn’t like); and, 

  3) Finally, once you were village trustee, you somehow forgot what you’d learned, causing you to innocently remain in violation of those laws until last month.

  Or were you referring to some other “red tape” and just missed the inconvenient bit about your own responsibilities? But that’s also hard to believe. Here’s why…

  The Bartlett village code is very straightforward and readily available online. We checked it out ourselves. We clicked once on “BUSINESS AND LICENSE REGULATIONS,” and clicked once more on “LICENSE REQUIRED; FEES; SPECIAL REGULATIONS.” And Voila! Just two clicks, and the very first sentence reads: “No person shall engage in or conduct the usual operations of any…businesses, trades, or occupations…without first obtaining a license therefor and paying the annual license fee….” Hard to miss—especially by an honest, competent, diligent, and law-abiding business owner.

  But back to you, Mr. Martin, and another interesting thing you said while attacking Mike Kelly. Quoting you, we now have to ask: “Did someone tell you not to pay the taxes? Were you contesting them or something? Was there another reason? ‘Cause it looks likes it’s happened more than once.” Very good questions Mr. Martin. What about it? What about your noncompliance every day of every year from 1998 until the end of 2011, when you finally got caught?

  Sorry to do this, but we must quote you even further, Mr. Martin, again from the night you publicly humiliated Mike Kelly: “Oh, and by the way, if it happened to me, then you guys can call me out because there is a standard here.”

  We’re calling you out Mr. Martin. You don’t meet the standard. You’re a hypocrite and a disgrace to the Village of Bartlett.





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