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March 2012 Endorsements

IL Senate 23–Carole Pankau
  Our state is broke. Even more, it is broken. With a new, Democrat-gerrymandered senate district and the retirement of highly-respected State Senator John Millner (28th), Republican voters of the Illinois 23rd Senate District have an important decision to make.
  State Senator Carole Pankau (23rd) and State Representative Randy Ramey (55th) both seek the seat, but only one of them deserves our trust.
  Pankau’s record of public and community service has such depth and breadth that her personal commitment is beyond reproach. Her philosophy of governance is conservative, traditional–first informed by her years as a small business owner and mother of four, and then made effective by her tenures serving upon various bodies from the DuPage County Board of Health to the Keeneyville School District 20 Board to the Illinois House of Representatives.
  Ramey, in sharp contrast, is a symptom of everything that’s wrong in Illinois politics. When his mother married the powerful back-room dealer, State Senator James “Pate” Philip, young Ramey’s troubles were over. He soon found himself with a cushy job in the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, and from there sauntered easily through all the doors Philip kicked open for him. Now, sitting in the Illinois House seat he was first given, not elected to, and fast on the heels of what should have been a humbling DUI arrest, Ramey has launched this bid for State Senate. Ramey is the ultimate insider with a long history of inside dealing. He is who you know, not what you know. He is what can you do for me, not what can I do for you. But, Ramey’s essence is best understood through his own words. Here are just two representative examples: When caught last month by the State Board of Elections taking political contributions over the legal limit from the teachers’ union, Ramey’s reply was: “It’s no big deal.” When caught driving drunk last fall, he asked the arresting officer: “Do you know who I am?”
  Our choice is between a humble, respectable grownup and an arrogant barfly. Between a woman with a fine history of service to her community and man with $1,750 in criminal-court fines and 100 hours of court-ordered community service. Between a candidate with a solid legislative record and a candidate with a police record. Our only choice is Pankau.
DuPage County Board District 6
Robert Larsen, Kevin Wiley
  Five candidates seek three seats on the board, and two far outshine the rest: newcomer Kevin Wiley and incumbent Robert Larsen. United States Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Wiley is everything you’d expect a battalion commander and inspector general to be: serious, credible, and squared away. The Bronze Star winner is not only personally impressive, his recent record of public service has likewise been sterling, both as a trustee of the Bartlett Fire Protection District and as a passionate advocate for property rights within DuPage County. Having learned much fighting for the little man from the outside, Wiley has committed to continuing and intensifying his advocacy from the inside.
  Larsen, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Marines, is from similar training and experience equally credible and impressive as a candidate and man. Moreover, Larsen has two solid years under his belt serving on the County Board, preceded by half a decade as a Milton Township trustee. Larsen is a no-nonsense leader with a reverent respect for our founding principles, the intelligence and education to articulate them, and the spine to fight for them. We couldn’t ask for more.
  Though three seats are open, we recommend voting only for two, Wiley and Larsen, to maximize the weight of those votes.
Forest Preserve–Art Pierscionek
  Insofar as pit bulls are ineligible to hold public office, Art Pierscionek capably fills the bill. A 30-year Bartlett resident, Pierscionek has been an active and effective leader in his community–as a philanthropist, elected official, and government watchdog. He turns over rocks, sniffs out waste and corruption, and fights tenaciously for the taxpayer. His efforts over two terms as a trustee of the Bartlett Fire Protection District brought about much needed reform. Prior to that, Pierscionek collaborated with neighbors to successfully prod the DuPage County Forest Preserve to purchase Wendt farm. He was also a major force in successfully fundraising for a stadium for South Elgin High School.
  A strong member of the Wayne Township Republican Organization, Pierscionek pledges to live up to conservative values by seeking a salary reduction and refusing a pension, if elected. His record, to date, justifies our faith in him. He is endorsed.
IL House 42–Laura Pollastrini
  33-year Carol Stream resident Laura Pollastrini has served admirably as a DuPage County Regional Board of School Trustees Member since 1995, as well as on Carol Stream Library Board. She has gained further insights through practicing local government and municipal law, adding to the perspective gained through her family’s nearly 30-year ownership of Al & Tony’s Deli in Wheaton.
  Fresh out of school and seeking experience, Pollastrini became a staff member for Senator Pate Philip. She acknowledged that she learned much about politics during her tenure, but not all of it good. Seeking independence and the ability to make decisions of conscience, Pollastrini left Philip in April of 1996, and has had no relationship with his politics since. Indeed, State Board of Election records show that Philip recently donated $1,000 to Pollastrini’s opponent, Dave Carlin, a candidate most unworthy of public office.
  Pollastrini stands head and shoulders above the rest in this field, and she has our enthusiastic endorsement.
Wayne Township Precinct Committeeman
  These races may seem small, but properly viewed in their totality they combine to take on great significance. Together, the committeemen elect the chairman, who wields significant political power at the township level, and beyond. Each precinct election, therefore, is critical in ultimate consequence. 
  The candidates can be sorted rather neatly into two columns. On the one side stand grassroots citizens who hope to improve our community by volunteering their time; on the other side stand the self-serving politicians feeding at the trough. Tightly controlled by Ramey’s political machine (see 23rd Senate endorsement, above), this latter group of minions have demonstrated their willingness to seek and serve power over the public good. Take, for example, Bartlett Trustee Eric Shipman, who was front and center for the despicable takedown of former Bartlett Village President Mike Kelly. Take Austin Hopkins, a Shipman ally and lapdog of Ramey’s pal Brian McGuire of Hanover Township, easily the most malignant, destructive force in local politics. The last thing we need is Hanover Township’s Cook County politics bleeding into Wayne Township. 
  We could fill pages about Shipman, Hopkins, and their running mates of similar stripe, but we prefer to simply put forth the names of the good men and women who have earned our trust and deserve our vote. The following candidates are endorsed:  (candidate-precinct):  Jerry Marchese-001; Joe Coduto-003; Ed Novak-005; Vince Carbonaro-006; Bill Ward-007; Dave Becker-008; Dennis Peterson-009; Kevin Wiley-010; Sam Mead-012; Vince Durante-013; Matt Alagna-014; Seth Hancock-016; Don Weiss-017; Frank Napolitano-018; Laura Pollastrini-019; Mike Mascow-022; Jim McCarthy-025; Bruce Sutchar-027; Jenni Konstanzer-029; Rick Roberts-031; Art Pierscionek-032; Jon Duesing-034; and Marilyn Dent-040.
Electric Supplier–Bartlett–No
  Currently, residents of Bartlett have the option of choosing their electricity provider, with ComEd delivering the power no matter what the choice. If the Village Board has its way, the village will negotiate the price for residents unless they opt out.
  We consider this a needless power grab, no pun intended. The devil is in the details, and recent events have shown that Acting Village President Mike “We can do whatever we want” Airdo and his acolytes cannot and should not be trusted to put the residents’ best interests before their own. Citizens Utility Board likewise has several reservations about ceding such authority to local officials.
  Will they next try to tell us where to buy our gas? Our groceries?
  There is no legitimate reason to substitute politicians’ judgment for our own good judgment. There is no good reason to surrender more freedom to government, particularly when the head of that government is unelected and unworthy of our trust.
  Vote “No."
Electric Supplier–Hanover Park–No
  Currently, residents of Hanover Park have the option of choosing their electricity provider, with ComEd delivering the power no matter what the choice. If the Village Board has its way, the village will negotiate the price for residents unless they opt out.
  We consider this a needless power grab, no pun intended. The devil is in the details, and the trustworthy Citizens Utility Board has several reservations about ceding such authority to local officials.
  Will they next try to tell us where to buy our gas? Our groceries?
  There is no legitimate reason to substitute politicians’ judgment for our own good judgment. There is no good reason to surrender more freedom to government.
  Vote “No.”
Kane County Auditor
  Laura Wallet has more than just an apt surname to commend her to office. Accountant and 22-year resident of Elgin, Wallet was graduated magna cum laude from Western International University with a bachelor of science degree in accounting and is currently a master’s candidate in business administration.
  More that just ample and relevant experience, Wallet has the much-needed conservative fiscal principles our times demand. A precinct committeeman for the Republican Party in Elgin and member of the Kane County Republican Women’s Organization, Wallet is endorsed.
Kane Circuit Clerk
  In 1994, Cathy Hurlbut was named “Outstanding Young Woman of Elgin” for serving her community and for overachieving personally and professionally. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Our Kane County’s 19th District Board Representative for 18 years, a leader in countless community organizations, an active mover in the Republican party, and a partner in an Elgin law firm, we have great faith in Hurlbut’s ability to faithfully execute the duties of her office, and Hurlbut has our endorsement.
Kane County Coroner
  Rob Russell began his law enforcement career with the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. After two decades of highly decorated service, a master of arts in in Political Justice Studies, and extensive and diverse on-the-job experience, Russell knows his business.
  Having further demonstrated his commitment to public service in the Army National Guard, as a youth football coach, and a Lion–just to name a few of his commendable associations–Russell plainly has the dedication to maximize his extensive and relevant experience for the benefit of the public. He is endorsed.
Illinois State Senate District 33
  Current Chairman of the Kane County Board Karen McConnaughay is well prepared to bring her successful brand of conservative governance to Springfield, where it is needed more than ever.
  A spending cutter, budget balancer, and ethical leader, McConnaughay can be counted upon to stand athwart the big-spending insiders feeding at the troughs on both sides of the aisle so the besieged taxpayers of Illinois–individuals and businesses, alike–have the opportunity to pull themselves and our state out our current and deepening recession.
  Competent and well-versed in the issues confronting our county and state, McConnaughay is endorsed.
Illinois State Senate District 22
  When Michael Noland barely retained his seat against a feckless Republican challenge from Steven Rauschenberger in 2010, it became obvious to everyone what had been long known among Illinois Senators and their staffs: Noland is not well liked on either side of the political aisle.
  Challenger Tim Elenz–Streamwood resident and local businessman in the insurance industry–has decided to take on the task of unseating the well-funded incumbent in order to establish a more collaborative, more productive legislative team with the Senate district’s two representatives in the House.
  A strong 2nd Amendment supporter, Elenz in committed to ending the embarrassment of Illinois being the only state to deny citizens their Constitutional right. Moreover, Elenz pledges to fight for budget accountability in Springfield and to eliminate wasteful spending, neither of which will happen if Governor Pat Quinn maintains a rubber-stamp General Assembly.
  Finally, Elenz is cognizant of the disgraceful state of affairs in School District U-46, and he states that he would be willing to use his office to push for the reform so badly needed there. Elenz is endorsed.


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