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The Dems Hillary Problem - 08/12/15

By Rich Trzupek:
  Six months ago I would have bet my publisher’s life savings that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States of America. Now, I’m not so sure.
  She still has two significant advantages over anyone the GOP can run against her: she’s got a huge bankroll and a lot of voters are really, really stupid. 
  For an example of the latter, check out this video that internet trouble-maker Mike Dice recently posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiZFXkmofgI In it, he asks people if they support “Hillary Clinton’s plan to repeal the Bill of Rights”. Their answers are a stunning example of the singular stupidity and/or ignorance of a great swath of the American electorate.
  And, according to Dice, not one person he talked to questioned the wisdom of repealing the Bill of Rights, or even suspected that the proposal was a complete sham. Even granted that the video was filmed in California, where liberals go when they REALLY want screwed up government, that’s remarkable.
  When I discussed the inevitability of the coming Hillary-stration, I used to cite two other advantages she had: she’s absolutely ruthless, and the mainstream media (MSM) will always have her back. Today, I’m not so sure about either.
  Ruthless is a good characteristic in a politician when dealing with foreign governments, terrorists or corruption. It’s not a positive when the ruthlessness is, or at least perceived, to involve covering your own ass. It then often comes across as one of the most unforgiveable political sins: arrogance.
  And that’s what the whole e-mail scandal that won’t go away feels like to a whole lot of people. Maintaining a private service while serving as Secretary of State smelled. Choosing to delete thousands of those e-mails without any third-party verification that they were not official correspondence stinks to high heaven.
  Her steadfast refusal to admit that her actions at least reflected poor judgement, and were possibly completely illegal, comes across as the worst sort of arrogance. She sounds like a person who believes that she is above the law and who has nothing but contempt for anyone who would dare question her.
  She also does not come across as a very likable person. Her husband was, and is, a scoundrel, but he was, and is, at least a likable scoundrel. There has always been a twinkle in Bubba’s eyes that reminds you of Bugs Bunny holding up the “Ain’t I a Stinker?” sign after he had pulled another one over Elmer Fudd.
  Hillary comes across more like Maleficent. And no, she doesn’t come across as an evil queen because she’s a strong woman. She comes across that way because that nasty personality is always simmering just beneath the surface and, despite her best efforts, cannot help but bubble over every now and again.
  It is also now plain that her plan of dealing with the press by avoiding the press has backfired on her. Where the mainstream media was pleased to march in liberal lockstep with Hillary before she declared, the hermit strategy since has deprived the press of the one thing that it needs to sell papers and ad time: interesting stories. “Hillary visits Chipotle” is not news, it’s Twitter white noise.
  There have thus been some bit of pushback from the mainstream media. No outright defections of course, and I don’t expect there will be any, but when the MSM actually covers the story that the FBI is investigating Hillary and suggests she might – just possibly – have done some things that were at least a teeny-tiny bit illegal when she was Secretary of State, that’s something.
  And so Hillary has been steadily dropping in the polls for the last few months. Will she drop far enough to open the door for an old crank like Bernie Sanders to take home the nomination? Lord, I hope so, but it seems like a long-shot.
  Still that’s better than six months ago when it seemed that there was no stopping the evil queen from ascending to the throne. A long-shot is better than no shot at all.
  e-mail: rich@examinerpublications.com

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