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Courage, Cowardice and Hypocrisy - 08/26/15

By Rich Trzupek:

  A video of Texas Senator and Presidential candidate discussing/debating gay marriage with actress Ellen Page has been making the rounds on the interwebs. It’s an interesting interaction and I urge you to take a peek.
  I like Cruz a lot (no surprise). He’s intelligent and he’s not given to histrionics. I’ve never seen him lose his cool. The left demonizes him to no end of course, but he’s always the epitome of class.
  Page, to her credit, was equally classy. She put forth her case respectfully, without the kind of invective that far too often dominates these kinds of discussions.
  But, Page is young. That’s not a crime, but when you’re young you often see issues in one dimension, rather than all three. She clearly empathizes with gays and lesbians in the western world who have historically been subject to forms of discrimination and abuse.
  That’s legit. The way that person A chooses to utilize his or her naughty bits when interacting with person B, provided nobody gets hurt or is an unwilling participant, should not be of any interest to any secular authority. 
  Still, there’s a problem. When Page – or other libs – go after Cruz with respect to gay marriage, they’re going after a target of opportunity who has little or nothing to do with the oppression they purport to fight.
  There’s an environmental activist analogy that will emphasize the point. When left-wing activists go after their opponents in today’s world, they are generally very, very careful to make sure those opponents are toothless.
  PETA is more than happy to go after movie stars wearing leather or fur. Movie stars aren’t going to fight back. But, when’s the last time you saw PETA going after a biker in his or her leathers? I’m guessing that, like mine, your answer to that question is “never”.
  The same sort of deal applies when we look at what issues gay and lesbian activists care about in modern day America. They are infinitely concerned to ensure that every gay and lesbian who chose to cohabitate are treated, in every single way, the exact same way as every single heterosexual couple, in every single circumstance.
  Thus, if a Christian who owns a bakery attempts to decline making a wedding cake for a gay couple, that Christian should – in Ellen Page’s view – be vilified. In Ted Cruz’s view, that gay couple should hit another bakery, and there are plenty to choose from. 
  Debate, if you will, the relative importance of wedding cakes to equal rights. No problemo. But how about equal rights to actually exist as a living human being in the actual world? That would seem to be a much more important consideration for anyone who cares about gay and lesbian rights.
  During his dialogue with Page, Cruz points out – entirely correctly – that gays and lesbians are routinely executed in that portion of the Middle East controlled by ISIS and in Iran. Page acknowledges that truth, but tries to link that level of intolerance to Christian dominated nations where execution is not an option.
  So, why do LGBT activists like Page focus on the easy targets? The question elicits the answer. They focus on the easy, relatively unimportant, targets because those targets are safe. There’s no risk at going after Ted Cruz. Going after ISIS is a much different story.
  Going after ISIS or Iran over LGBT issues involves a very serious risk of violent death. Going after Ted Cruz over LGBT issues involves a photo-op. So, sorry lefties – unless and until you are willing to join those of us on the right to prioritize (not just recognize) the intolerance and brutality of places like ISIS and Iran, it’s very, very difficult to take you seriously.
  E-mail: rich@examinerpublications.com

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