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Pointless - 09/18
By Rich Trzupek   Proposed: Most people are inherently good and want to do good things. That, I sincerely ...

Still Can’t Get No Satisfaction - 09/11
By Rich Trzupek   Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland are both tremendous entertainers. As environmental ana...

Dear Applicant - 09/04
By Rich Trzupek   There is so much nonsense, most of it emotional nonsense, spewed about on the subject of...

David Koch RIP - 08/28
By Rich Trzupek   The Koch brothers are often demonized by celebrities and activists who are either willfu...

Taking Aim - 08/21
By Rich Trzupek   I want to make it clear at the outset: I am not in favor of mass shootings. In fact, I a...

Who’s White? Who’s Wrong? - 08/14
By Rich Trzupek   The 1985 western “Silverado” is one of my favorite movies. Mostly a light-hearte...

Who’s the Racist? - 07/31
By Rich Trzupek   Absurd is hardly a strong enough word. Ridiculous? No, that doesn’t capture it. Lu...

Slapstick Politick - 07/24
By Rich Trzupek   If you have it on your playlist, you may wish to cue up the Three Stooges theme song before ...

The Transporter Generation - 07/10
By Rich Trzupek   In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen two prominent opinion-makers engaged in wha...

Absence Makes Some Hearts Fouler - 06/19
By Rich Trzupek   Comedian Jon Stewart was in DC last week to testify before the House Judiciary Committee...

Risk – Part 5 - 06/05
By Rich Trzupek   How to properly conclude this examination of the way Americans perceive and manage risk ...

Risk – Part 4 - 05/29
By Rich Trzupek   For many, perhaps most, of the people who believe that climate change is an immediate th...

Risk – Part III - 05/22
By Rich Trzupek   When last we visited the complex subject of risk in America, we discussed how the issue ...

Risk – Part 2 - 05/08
By Rich Trzupek   Upton Sinclair may not have invented risk communication in America, but he surely provided o...

Risk Assessment, Part 1 - 05/01
By Rich Trzupek   We do many things astonishingly well as a modern society. Our communications technology ...

Holiday in Israel - 04/24
By Rich Trzupek   Although I am a veteran of travel to the Middle East, I made my first visits to Israel a...

Earth Hour - 03/27
By Rich Trzupek   Friday, March 30 will include this year’s version of “Earth Hour,” a r...

Opportunity Knocking - 03/20
By Rich Trzupek   It’s sad, but the nature of public discourse today is becoming more and more about...

Standards - 03/13
By Rich Trzupek   One of the hallmarks of civilized society are standards. It’s a sweeping concept. ...

Racing left - 03/06
By Rich Trzupek   As Democrat after Democrat races farther and farther left at unprecedented speed, we sho...

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