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World War Naught - 01/15

By Rich Trzupek
  Immediately after the US took out Iranian terror-master Qasem Soleimani the left and the mainstream media branch of the left absolutely freaked out. This, they assured us, was the madman that is Donald Trump at his absolute, impulsive, unthinking worst. At best, he was dragging us into a costly, unwinnable war with Iran. At worst, he was igniting World War III.
  There’s just a few minor points that the MSM and Dems missed as they considered the consequences of Soleimani’s untimely demise:
1. We were speaking the native language. Having spent a fair amount of time in the Middle East, I can assure you of at least this: threats mean nothing. Threats are part of the culture and are by and large meaningless. Posturing and preening are just parts of doing business in this part of the world.
2. You can’t start a war that’s already in progress. The United States has been in a continuous, undeclared but effective war with Iran in everything but name since Khomeini and the mobs instituted a theocracy in that country in 1979. It’s a war that runs sometimes hot and sometimes cold and typically features Iranian proxies like Hezbollah getting burned, but it’s the height of naivete to pretend it hasn’t been going down for 40-plus years.
3. Taking out a scumbag like Soleimani, whom retired general and Middle East expert David Petraeus described as someone more dangerous and evil than Saddam and bin Landen combined, was a huge victory for civilized society. Had a Democrat been in office when Soleimani bit the dust, there is no doubt that the MSM would have turned double backflips to praise the administration’s steely resolve.
4. There was never any possibility that President Trump would get the US involved in a “boots on the ground” war with Iran. None. Zero. Nada. The Donald was a very early and persistent critic of the war with Iraq that began in 2003. While I don’t agree with his reasoning, I recognize his sincerity and understand that he is deeply committed to avoiding what he believes to be unprofitable and unwinnable foreign adventures.
5. We can shut down the mullahs anytime we choose. Iran depends on the petrochemical industry to generate the income needed to keep its theocratic rulers in power. Iran’s petrochemical infrastructure is essentially indefensible when targeted by a nation that possesses high-tech precision weapons. As just one example, over 90 percent of Iranian refining capacity is encompassed by six refineries. The US and/or its more powerful NATO allies could take those refineries out within a heartbeat or two. So could Russia. China? Probably. The point being that the mullahs preside over a viable Iranian economy at our sufferance. They know that and we know that.
  All that considered, would any reasonable, rational person seriously worry that this particular president might somehow call for and direct a boots-on-the-ground, regime-changing war against the mullahs ruling Iran? Would any reasonable, rational person seriously think Iran would want to take on the most powerful nation on earth? It’s ludicrous.
  Trump is sending a clear message to the mullahs: Run your country any way you want, but don’t mess with America and its allies, and don’t murder your own citizens. Whenever they fail to heed those warnings, this president will exact a price. But that price will not involve American blood.
  Email: richtrzupek@gmail.com

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