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The Heart of the Matter - 02/08
By Rich Trzupek   Whether or not you ascribe to a certain theology or none at all, there is one overriding...

The Prestige - 11/09
By Rich Trzupek   Politics is all about creating illusions and thus the creators of those illusions exerci...

Handicapping - 03/23
By Rich Trzupek   When I was a young lad, many moons ago, fate placed me in a position where I had to figu...

I’d Like to Have an Argument - 03/02
By Rich Trzupek   It’s pretty clear that liberals don’t understand the concept of demand. They...

Bring Out Your Dead! - 01/19
By Rich Trzupek   As we glide through the halfway point of what our beloved Commander In Cheat, or his voi...

Cons and Consequences - 12/15
By Rich Trzupek   Jussie Smollett is not the problem friends. He’s a symptom. He’s actually a ...

How Tyranny Happens - 12/8
By Rich Trzupek   Step One: Immerse yourself in a cause within which you can position yourself as a victim. ...

(Ritten)House Call - 11/24
  By Rich Trzupek   By the time the play reached its last act, jurors were asked to believe one o...

Vax Nation - 11/10
By Rich Trzupek   Let us start here: The author of this piece: 1) has been COVID-19 vaccinated, 2) is glad...

Color Blind - 11/03
By Rich Trzupek   I ain’t white.   I’m a Slav. I’m the Polish flavor of Slav, ...

The Gates of Vienna - 12/27
By Rich Trzupek   Civilization happens in fits and starts. Sometimes the forces of intelligence and good p...

Clear and Present Danger - 10/13
By Rich Trzupek   Did you know there was a time when liberals believed in free speech? It’s true and...

Time on Target - 09/29
By Rich Trzupek   I got the call Friday night. Reports in the mainstream media were starting to come in. A...

This and That - 09/08
By Rich Trzupek   On Trashcanistan:   The parallels between the fall of Saigon and the fall of Kabul...

Anybody Home? - 08/25
By Rich Trzupek   Well this is weird. When even CNN – aka the propaganda arm of the Democrat party &...

Tell it to the Taliban - 08/18
By Rich Trzupek   Forbes, Thursday, August 12: “As Afghan security forces battle Taliban fighters ne...

Choosing Life - 07/28
By Rich Trzupek   Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was recently criticized by Archbishop Salvatore Cordil...

Johnny Reb - 07/21
By Rich Trzupek   The city of Charlottesville, West Virginia recently removed statues of Robert E. Lee and Sto...

Origins- 07/07
By Rich Trzupek   There are a lot of things that are leading to the deterioration of society these days. In th...

The Fact Checking Pretension - 06/16
By Rich Trzupek   Turns out that the COVID-19 was more than likely engineered by the Red Chinese in Wuhan ...

Too Much Sun? - 06/9
By Rich Trzupek   Remember the famous scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey when the monolith first appears? The ...

Way to go Joe = 06/02
By Rich Trzupek   Kudos to President Biden for resisting the sirens’ call of the socialist wing of h...

The Ultimate Dear John Letter - 05/26
By Rich Trzupek   I’ve asked a mutual friend who regularly corresponds with Chicago Tribune columnis...

Also, Taxes - 05/19
By Rich Trzupek   Bad news everybody: turns out we’re going to die. Everyone of us. No exceptions. S...

A New Low - 05/12
By Rich Trzupek   When one happens to be a scientist with an expertise in environmental issues like yours ...

Stepping Up - 04/28
By Rich Trzupek   Of all the environmental topics I write about, the one I almost never write about is cli...

The Injustice of Environmental Justice
By Rich Trzupek   At its core my day job as an environmental consultant to industry is about helping clients...

Faith vs. Science - 03/31
By Rich Trzupek   Some people who claim to know all things about the Catholic church, but who actually know very l...

The Last Fare - 03/10
By Rich Trzupek   The nature of my day job means that I spend a lot of time at airports. Up until a few years ...

Unlawful - 03/03
By Rich Trzupek   The airlines are making a new pre-flight announcement now days, telling passengers that ...

Consequences - 02/17
By Rich Trzupek   The following open letter to Senator Ben Sasse (R – NE) will be forwarded to the S...

Decorum - 02/03
By Rich Trzupek   Dictionary.com defines decorum as “dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress,...

Rising Above - 01/27
By Rich Trzupek   As a Christian I believe this to be true: love is holy. When Christ enjoined his followe...

Have a Banana - 01/20
By Rich Trzupek   We’ve seen riots and we’ve seen riots. We’ve seen riots where people w...

The Fraidiest Generation
By Rich Trzupek   If 2020 proved anything, it’s that America is now, more than ever, a nation driven...

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