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Way to go Joe = 06/02

By Rich Trzupek
  Kudos to President Biden for resisting the sirens’ call of the socialist wing of his party. That dangerously radically group of Dems most prominently features “the Squad” headed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and looney lefty Bernie Sanders. The radical socialists in the party are gleefully anti-Semitic, refusing to denounce any entity in the Middle East like Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran that refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, much less re-assert the importance of the Israeli-American alliance.
  Biden took a stand, openly doubling down on America’s commitment to our alliance with Israel. He should be commended for doing so on both sides of the aisle. Practically all Republicans and the moderate side of the Democrat Party took the time to do so. The anti-Semitic socialists? Not so much. Boo-hoo.
  Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in the Middle East, as I have, and whom is not blinded by anti-Semitic prejudice will clearly identify the real problem that Palestinians face. It ain’t Israel. It’s Palestinian leadership.
  The Palestinian authority controls great swathes of territory within Israel and the areas bordering the nation. It’s not just Gaza, not by a long shot. When one travels in Israel one can often cross into portions of the nation that are governed by the Palestinian authority and be thus subject to greater passport and personal belongings scrutiny before being allowed to pass.
  The lands controlled by the Palestinian authority are much different than the lands directly administered by Israel. The portion of Israel directly administered by Israel is clean, well-cared for, safe and virtually indistinguishable from modern, western nations. The portion of Israel administered by the Palestinian authority are almost universally run down, dirty, uncared for and frequently unsafe.
  Why the difference? Accountability. Within Israel leaders know they have to preform or get booted out of office, because they have no one to blame for failure. In Palestinian-ruled areas local leaders are believed when they blame the poverty that afflicts their people on the United States and Israel. It’s a convenient way to cover up the corruption and incompetence that is rampant among Palestinian leadership.
  According to the AP, 254 Palestinians were killed in the recent 11 day war along with 12 Israelis. Certainly all of those deaths are to be regretted, as is any loss of life associated with violence. But imagine if the Palestinian death toll were almost six times greater? The anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat party and their media allies would flip out.
  Let’s hope that President Biden intervenes to stop slaughter of just that magnitude that is going on right now. Over 1,400 Christians have been murdered in Nigeria during the first four months of the year, almost all by radical Muslim jihadists.
  A recent report produced by the human rights group Intersociety Rule of Law states: “The latest research investigation conducted by Intersociety took weeks and cut across all the troubling Christian areas of the country. The number of defenseless Christians killed in Nigeria from [January] to April 2021 [is] 1,470; out of which Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for the death of over 800.”
  The Fulani Herdsmen are the most numerous of the Jihadi groups in Nigeria, but hardly the only radical group. The report also goes on to say that moderate Muslims have also been targeted by the extremists. You can find the whole report at persecution.org, and many other Christian web-sites.
  While this continuing slaughter is well known among Christians who pay attention to faith-based persecution, the mainstream media and politicians of both parties have either ignored the story or have bought the Nigerian government’s official, and laughable, claim that the murders are part of an ongoing dispute between herdsmen and farmers.
  It was great to see the president step up for Israel. Here’s hoping and praying he’ll do the same for Christians in Nigeria.
  Email: richtrzupek@gmail.com

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