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Vax Nation - 11/10

By Rich Trzupek
  Let us start here: The author of this piece: 1) has been COVID-19 vaccinated, 2) is glad that he got the shots (Pfizer version in my case) and 3) passionately believes that no one on planet earth should be compelled to do the same.
  Are there risks associated with getting vaccinated? Of course. No attempt to alter the bio-chemistry of a human being is without risk. We understand a crapload more about those risks than we used to, but we are nowhere close to understanding them all.
  People who think COVID-19 vaccinations are a good idea can point to objective data that shows that people who have gotten the shot are less likely to pass out of this mortal realm prematurely than those who do not. People who think COVID-19 vaccinations are a bad idea can point to objective data that strongly suggests that some people have died of complications from receiving the shot.
  I’ve no reason to dispute either point of view. I would rather point out that we are at the “defining the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin” stage of this discussion. If you’re not a senior citizen and in reasonably good health, the chances of COVID-19 taking you out are tiny. Not zero, but tiny.
  So tiny that it’s almost beyond belief that we are still talking about this so-called “issue.” For cripe’s sake, the chances of a child growing up in Chicago getting killed by gang violence exceeds the chances of a child dying of COVID-19 in the Windy City.
  President Dementia’s administration and their cheerleaders in the legacy media cling to the twin fallacies that there are paths that can reduce risk to something approaching zero and that pursuing those paths will not involve unanticipated, damaging consequences.
  This is not a workplace issue. It’s not a workplace issue anymore than having the flu. What measures an employee takes to protect their own health is a matter between employee and employer. Governments, particularly those led by liberals, believe that everything they poke their noses into gets better, when the exact opposite is true.
  Environmental regulation was, for example, desperately needed 50 years ago. The first wave of legislation under Nixon and the creation of the EPA were responsible for an incredible clean up during the latter part of the 20th century.
  However, much of what EPA does these days has little to do with environmental protection. Most of it is about preserving EPA’s section of the swamp. The grunt work of day-to-day environmental regulation is done at the state level, mostly competently, sometimes shabbily, but almost never with EPA involvement.
  Yet it’s a rule of thumb that bureaucracies are almost never downsized.  Their arrogant sense of self-importance knows no bounds. Which brings us back to OSHA.
  Anyone who has spent any time in a factory knows that OSHA focuses on minutia and trivia as often as it does on things that actually matter. Should, for example, a factory be fined when an OSHA inspector discovers there’s no cover to prevent people from getting caught in the rapidly-whirring belts connecting an electric motor and the blower it’s driving? Of course they should. Should that same factory be fined because the required warning label on an installed cover has become partially unreadable due to an accumulation of grime? That’s chicken-poop.
  People of that mindset have no business telling anybody how they should manage their personal health care. Government has no business telling anyone what to put in their body. It doesn’t matter if it’s trans-fat, nicotine, or a vaccine. It’s a personal choice, and if the courts don’t slap President Sleepy down, we’re going to lose the right to make a lot more of those choices.
  Email: richtrzupek@gmail.com

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