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Hate the Game, Not the Playah -12/14

By Rich Trzupek
  If you want to rely on the interwebs to support your world-view, there are no shortage of options. Many, perhaps most, are openly and proudly partisan. If you’re conservative or libertarian, Free Republic will be a comfortable place to talk about the news of the day, while the Babylon Bee will provide satirical laughs that include right-leaning messaging. If you’re a moderate Democrat or a Democrat-Socialist, sites like the Daily Kos and the Onion provide the same functions.
  The problem we have folks does not involve openly partisan information outlets, its about the ridiculous panacea that information outlets can be non-partisan. This has never been reality and I have a hard time believing that it ever will be. Whenever someone disseminating information piously claims to leave their bias at the door, you can be pretty damn-well sure that he or she desperately hopes that they can keep their biases hidden.
  In times past, people knew, understood and factored in the bias of the person or institution filtering the information they passed along. Anyone reading the Chicago Tribune in the 1930s knew, or should have realized, that Colonel Robert McCormick’s crew covered world affairs from a decidedly anti-communist/anti-socialist point of view, while the folks at the New York Times were decidedly more sympathetic to left-wing perspectives and regimes.
  Few, if any, information outlets were brazen enough to piously claim neutrality. Nobody reported “facts” in the abstract sense. Everyone featured those facts or portions of facts that helped generate popular support for their point of view and everyone minimized those facts or portions of facts that might undermine their position.
  Twitter, like every communications outlet in history, turned into a biased outlet of information in due proportion to its increase in popularity. It relied upon spurious arguments to justify what quickly became purposed censorship of what purported to be a free public forum. Chief among those spurious arguments was the idea that Twitter kept its users “safe” by closely editing content.
  There are few more dangerous words in modern society than “safe.” I grew up in a time when “safe” meant that you made sure you were pretty confident that you were not in a situation where you might get your ass kicked, or worse. Thanks to my fellow (pathetic) boomers who pretty much destroyed higher education and journalism (since they were unable to navigate challenges like physics and chemistry) the term safe has come to mean “feeling uncomfortable” or “misunderstood.”
  Facebook, Instagram, pre-Musk Twitter et al signed on to the “don’t say mean things!” program. In practice, that translated into “don’t say mean things if you’re on the right, because we have decided that those horrible things you are saying are lies” and “go ahead and be passionate if you’re on the left, because we know that you are defending the truth.”
  As Musk releases more and more internal documentation from Twitter, it’s very, very clear that the platform was heavily moderated to limit conservative and libertarian views. They weren’t even very subtle about it. The MSM is ignoring the story, of course, but there’s no room for interpretation when you read the internal memos.
  Again, if you want to present only particular points of view, go for it. But we’re not idiots, so stop pretending to be unbiased and stop insisting you care about our safety. Here’s my request for a Christmas gift from Big Tech and the MSM: just admit who you are. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in recovery.
  Email: richtrzupek@gmail.com

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