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Cheap Seats 2022 By Rich Trzupek

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Real Real Gone - 08/24
By Rich Trzupek   The title of this week’s screed refers to the name of my favorite song performed b...

Awoke - 08/17
  By Rich Trzupek   Calling or comparing people to Nazis has become an all too common intelle...

Where’s the Beef? - 08/10
By Rich Trzupek   Where’s the beef? Prices may very well be keeping it out of your refrigerator, and...

Chickens, Eggs and Trump - 07/27
By Rich Trzupek   As President Dementia’s poll numbers continue to redefine what “disapproval&...

How We Got Here - 07/20
By Rich Trzupek   Democrats and their mainstream media lackeys noisily predicted the doom of conservatism ...

Chickens, Eggs and Trump - 07/13
By Rich Trzupek   The increasingly delusional Mainstream Media continues to convince itself that the pheno...

The Maelstrom of Intolerance - 07/06
By Rich Trzupek   I recently finished Thomas Carlyle’s epic “The French Revolution: A History....

To Have or to Have Not - 06-29
By Rich Trzupek   News Flash #1: The Supreme Court of the United States did not outlaw abortion last week....

At a Distance - 06/08
By Rich Trzupek   If you haven’t done so already, go watch Dinesh D’Souza’s “2,000...

Let Them Eat Cake - 06/01
By Rich Trzupek   Two seemingly disparate but strangely related stories caught my eye recently. One humoro...

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