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Editorial Race Hustling on the U-46 School Board Part II

Part II

  The public record demonstrates that U-46 Trustee Traci O’Neal Ellis sees racism everywhere, but that same record suggests that honesty and integrity are invisible to her.
  Let us begin with the flag controversy, the one launched when her private Facebook post equating the American flag to toilet paper became public. At last week’s school board meeting and as recapitulated on her public Facebook page, Ellis offered an apology to students and families, among others, about whom she said:
       You have to be here to face discomfort and hostility you had no part in creating. You have been forced, though no fault of yours, to spend the last week thinking about, talking about, and stressing about a situation that should never have been foisted upon you or the district.
  She then went on to qualify her apology by stating further that she will “make no apologies” for her toilet paper comment because it was made on her “personal Facebook page” as a “private citizen.”
    The sincerity of her apology is demonstrably false.
  Ellis cannot hide behind the “personal” and “private” character of her incendiary posts because she also doubled down on her flag-as-toilet paper comments on her public Facebook page, the one she calls: “Traci O’Neal Ellis, U-46 School Board Member.” She also identifies herself on the home page as: “Public Figure.” Her intention to make her crusade public is clear from her very first words: “So let’s talk about the FB post from my personal page.” She then goes on to assert: “I cannot be embarrassed by righteous truth.” She certainly is self-righteous, but she is embarrassingly untruthful.
  Giving even greater lie to Ellis’s apology, however, was her conduct at the subsequent school board meeting, the text of which apology she also posted on her public Facebook page. Tellingly, she selectively edited what she actually said at the meeting, excluding the vile language she broadcast to the parents and students (who are frequently required to observe board meetings by their teachers) in the audience and online at the U-46 YouTube live feed. Following is what she actually broadcast to the community—the community to which she only moments earlier purported to apologize for foisting stress and discomfort upon it:
        In the over 1,000 private messages I received, I was called a “n*gger” 500 and some odd times. I was called a “c*nt”—don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch, ‘cause I had to take it—some 300 times. I was called a “b*tch” over 500 times. I was called a “f*cking n*gger b*tch” some 600 times. [emphasis added]
  An observant student of Ellis will find several problems with her comments. First, she could have shared these alleged slurs while still preserving decorum. For example, she could have referred to the “N word” or “a vulgar term referring to female genitalia.” Certainly, this level of dexterity and civility with our language is within reach of a highly educated attorney such as Ellis. Second, her very deliberate intention to foist further discomfort upon U-46 residents was quite clear not only in the self-righteous and condescending tone she took, but in her obviously rehearsed stick-it-in-their-eyes scolding of the stunned and silent audience: “Don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch, ‘cause I had to take it.” So, when Ellis says that “I could have been much more circumspect in my criticism and more elegant in my language,” she obfuscates the point. She could, but she’s far too arrogant and contemptuous of others to do so.
  If anyone says so, however, they are racist. If you don’t believe us, listen to her speech on YouTube to learn what else she conveniently left out of the alleged “text of the statement I read at tonight’s board meeting” that she posted on Facebook. She left out the part where she said: “Now, it’s been said here that it’s not racist to call me out on the comment that I made…but to declare that it’s not racist when in the over 1,000 private messages I received…,” from whence she proceeded to launch into the vulgar passage quoted above.
  Which leads to our third and fourth problems with her vulgarities. By alleging that she received hundreds upon hundreds of vile messages, and then by falsely equating them with anyone who dares question her actions as a sitting school board member, she proclaims for herself full diplomatic immunity by virtue of her skin color. Not only is this obnoxious to our 1st Amendment, it is blatantly racist and diminishing to all people of color. The other problem is that knowing Ellis is a habitual prevaricator and racial provocateur, we have reason to believe she invented the whole tale of 2,000 slurs. She used a similar tactic only days earlier, claiming multiple death threats against her. When The Examiner asked her for proof of her claims, however, she ignored the request. For a social justice crusader who claims to shine light, Ellis seems far more comfortable operating in darkness.
  Yet another problem with Ellis’s claim of 2,000 slurs in 1,000 private messages is that by all outward appearances at the meeting, Ellis has far more supporters than detractors, and we cannot imagine that she would orchestrate an elaborate celebration of her own righteousness at a public meeting over which she presided. Or would she? Let’s look at just a few of the “concerned citizens” who spoke Ellis’s truth to power.
  First, we have Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford. According to the Facebook page of “Parents for a Say,” anti-United States military group, Cayford is their contact person. The page also boasts support from “Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice,” upon whose website the first nine words in their lengthy list of principles are: “We support popular uprisings of people in the US”—along with the usual, hysterical Leftist anti-military, anti-corporate/pro-union, occupying-protesting, and climate change claptrap. Indeed, their Facebook page reads like a parody of the radical Left, and our school board trustee Tracy O’Neal Ellis has been a featured speaker at their meetings. Cayford also wrote an article for NNOMY: National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth, the group that staffs monthly counter-recruitment tables at our high schools. Yet, Ellis would have us believe that her flag comment had nothing to do with disdain for our military and country.
  Another citizen speaking up for Ellis was Shirley Adjani Sotomayor. She shares Ellis’ penchant for vulgar public references to female genitalia. Sotomayor’s Facebook page prominently displays a graphic with the phrase: “P*ssies Against Trump,” and scores of other radical Leftist posts, most of which are heavily in support of illegal immigration. This role model is also Traci’s Facebook friend, as is another of her defenders at the school board meeting, Prezel Hardy. For his part, Mr. Hardy seems to share Ellis’s taste for divisive racial commentary. Just one insight into this destructive mindset is his post of an article titled: “Study Finds Students Of All Races Prefer Teachers Of Color.” Equality, it would seem, is passé: black supremacy has replaced the civil rights ethos of Dr. Martin Luther King.
  Circling back to Cayford for a moment, though, it is worth mentioning that she opposed the charter school effort in U-46. Coincidentally, so did at least two other of Ellis’s vocal supporters last week: Megan Larson and Veronica Betz. Why is this so important? Well, when one recalls Ellis’s flip flop vote to kill the charter school; when one inspects the details her campaign finances; when one learns how Ellis makes her living; and, when one discovers how Ellis obtained her current employment, one does not see the oppressed victim Ellis portrays herself to be. Instead, one sees a typical Illinois politician leveraging her elected office for personal financial gain.
  Over the next few weeks, we will explore these and other matters of public interest and shine a bright white light upon the ugly privilege that Ms. Ellis does not talk about—the privilege of race hustlers who intimidate others with threats of being labeled “racist,” and then profit from that protection, hurting people of every color along the way.



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