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The Examiner U-46 News Feed

Larkin work tops list of varied U-46 proposals

By Seth Hancock
  The Board of Education is set to vote on $907,728 in expenditure proposals at its upcoming meeting on Monday, Jan. 13.
  The items were presented at the Dec. 16, 2019 meeting.
  The largest item is a $372,129 bid with Kellenberger Electric, Inc., coming from the operations and maintenance fund if approved, for a main electrical service project at Elgin’s Larkin High School. Work will take place over the summer if approved.
  “Larkin High School was built in 1962 and the main electrical service to the building is original. At 57 years old, that electrical main has had many repairs to correct disruptions in the past,” the proposal states. “Currently, the electrical main requires additional maintenance. Unfortunately, we are unable to source many of the needed components due to their age. Although the electrical main is currently functioning, it is now at the end of its life cycle and should be replaced.”
  A bid with LJ Morse Construction is for a renovation of the nurse’s office at Larkin with a price tag of $252,400 (operations and maintenance fund). The work, if approved, will take place over the summer.
  The proposal states that the “nurse’s office is original to the building” and was last renovated in 1996. It also states: “The current layout, however, still does not adequately meet the needs of the staff. Because of the various blind spots in the space, it is difficult for the nursing staff to monitor the sick students. The doorways and bathrooms are also a source of concern as they do not meet the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Thus, students in wheelchairs cannot maneuver in the space. In addition, the current set-up has the triage station inside the reception area, which does not allow for privacy.”
  The district is asking to spend $124,718 (education fund) with TransChicago Truck Group to replace a refrigerated truck for the distribution center. It will replace a 2009 truck (64,317 miles and 5,800 refrigerated hours) which is valued at $5,000, and it has had $56,191 in repair costs over the last eight years according to the proposal.
  A one-year contract with Maxim Healthcare has a cost of $75,600 to be paid for by the nation’s taxpayers through federal grant funds. The contract is for a social worker through an outside agency which Leatrice Satterwhite, director of specialized student services, said there’s a shortage in social workers.
  Board member Melissa Owens asked if the social worker will be floating between buildings, but Satterwhite said the social worker will be placed in one location which currently has a vacancy.
  The district is asking for a contract renewal costing $45,600 (education fund) with RJ Gartner Consulting for telecommunication consulting services. The district estimates the district will save $100,000 in telecommunication costs through using the consultant.
  “Telecommunication management for School District U-46 has identified multiple opportunities for improvement. These opportunities mainly include cost reduction and cost avoidance to optimize the telecom spend for the district,” the proposal states. “RJ Gartner Consulting will continue to provide supplemental expertise to process, implement and follow up on all identified telecommunication opportunities and any new areas discovered during the months of services.”
  The district is asking to purchase a mini excavator, trencher and auger for the grounds team from Vermeer Midwest with a price tag of $37,281 (operations and maintenance fund).
  Owens asked if it was new or used which Sheila Downs, director of plant operations, said new.
  Board member Sue Kerr, the board’s president, asked about life expectancy and Downs said she did not have a specific number but estimated over a decade based on a similar piece of equipment owned by the district.
  “I would say reasonably between 10 and 20 years,” Downs said.





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