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Hil’s Achilles Heel - 09/28

By Rich Trzupek
  It’s still Hillary’s election to lose, but I do think she has one significant shortcoming that could cost her: her promise to continue Obama’s “stick our heads in the sand and hope they go away” strategy to deal with the jihad.
  After the last successful bombing in New York, Trump responded with a message that resonates with most people: we gotta do more to take the fight to the Islamists and we gotta do a better job of ensuring they don’t get into our country. 
  Both trains of thoughts are verboten by the far left, who of course absolutely refuse to attach radical Islamic terrorism with Islam in any way and who believe that paying extra attention to people wanting to cross our borders who live in nations known to breed jihadists – or God forbid outright stop issuing any visas to people living in such nations – is “Islamophobic”, whatever that is.
  Hillary is stuck with that idiotic attitude towards the terrorists, going so far as to say that Trump’s tough-talk serves to bring new recruits to ISIS.
  Let’s think about that. Hillary would lead us to believe that there are otherwise peaceful people living in North Africa and the Middle East who heretofore have had no interest in joining the ISIS thugs, but who are so outraged by somebody saying something mean about certain of their co-religionists that they decide to find a AK-47 and take up a life featuring murder, rape and slavery.
  That’s an idiotic position and it doesn’t take a foreign policy expert to figure that out. People don’t join ISIS because of an American politician’s perceived insult. People join ISIS because they are religious fanatics being led by other religious fanatics who believe they are carrying out God’s Will.
  I mean really, who goes all killy/rapey because they feel insulted? People fight to defend their land. People fight take over somebody else’s land. People fight for riches. And, as is the case with ISIS, people fight for twisted ideologies. People don’t fight because their feelings got hurt.
  But, let’s say for the sake of argument that Hillary is right, some knuckleheads hear what Trump said and decide it times to kill some infidels. That kinda tells us that those knuckleheads are psychopaths just waiting for a trigger-moment that will push them over the edge and I can guarantee you that Donald Trump is not going to be the last prominent American to say unkind things about the jihadists.
  Tip toeing around terror simply emboldens the jihadists and make the peaceful Muslim majority hunker down even more so as to not offend the Mullahs and murderers who run their lives. 
  You can’t make an exception to freedom of speech and you can’t allow anyone to get away with blackmail. And that’s all the jihadist attitude toward cartoons, representations of their prophet, perceived insults, etc. is: blackmail. If we insult their religion, blood will be shed.
  It is amazing to me that a nation where freedom of expression and separation of church and state have been so important for long can give in to religious bullies. And, I don’t think I’m alone in that regard. I think the number of Americans who are sick and tired of all the politically-correct care we take so as not to offend the bullies grows larger with each bombing and mass shooting.
  That’s what may tip the balance in the Donald’s favor. Not the e-mail scandal, nor the Clinton Foundation, nor Hillary’s lack of any identifiable personality. The people who are going to vote for Hillary know the Clintons are liars and crooks, but they don’t give a damn. They know Hillary is a mean-spirited woman with a hair-trigger temper, and they don’t care.
  But, despite all of that and her huge campaign war-chest, Hillary’s inability to come to grips with the reality of radical Islam may just tip enough independent voters in Trump’s favor. 
  e-mail: rich@examinerpublications.com



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