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Hacks - 01/04

By Rich Trzupek
  It only took eight years, but the reset has finally been reset: President Obama has realized that Vladimir Putin’s Russia isn’t going to be best buds with America or the rest of the western democracies. Vlad is out for Vlad. Always has been. Always will be.
  I’ve no doubt that Russia has, does and will continue to work very hard to hack into American computer systems. I’ve no doubt that America has, does and will continue to work very hard to hack into Russian computer systems, and Chinese computer systems, and North Korean computer systems, and Iranian computer systems, etc. and vice-versa too.
  Interestingly, the “hack” that broke the back of the hack-in-chief currently occupying the White House, at least about how he feels about Uncle Vlad, wasn’t really a hack but was rather the result of the last Democrat hack to run for President employing one hack as her campaign manager and another hack as one her IT people.
  Maybe the infamous Podesta e-mail dump did originate somewhere in the dark offices of the SVR (the Russian foreign intelligence service), but it could just have well have been executed by a middle-schooler with average computer skills. The Wikileaks releases show that Team Hillary fell for a ploy that is about as tough to spot as e-mails from exiled Nigerian princes who hope to deposit tens of millions in your bank account as soon as you send them all your account information.
  Podesta can be forgiven I suppose for violating two basic rules of e-mail safety: 1) never click on a link in an e-mail or open an attachment, unless you are certain that you know the sender, and 2) never, ever give anyone your password. Podesta, born in 1949, is of a generation that contains many people whose internet skills are pretty poor.
  In fact, when Podesta got the phishing e-mail that would lead to the “hack”, he did the right thing: he went and checked with one of Hillary’s IT people: Charles Delavan. The e-mail in question told Podesta that his e-mail password had been compromised by someone in the Ukraine so he needed to change it.
  Delavan then tells Podesta to change it, which wouldn’t have been so bad, had Podesta not done so by clicking on a Bitly link included in the phishing e-mail. Whether Podesta did so because Delavan neglected to tell him NOT to hit the link, or because Delavan pro-actively told him to hit the link is not clear and I’m not sure which scenario demonstrates more incompetence.
  What happens next, however, is an old story. Podesta is taken to an apparently legitimate site where he thinks he’s changing his password. Since you have to give your current password to change to a new password, all Podesta did was to hand over his password, giving somebody access to all his e-mails. It’s a phisherman’s dream. They landed a BIG one.
  Would Hillary have won the election had Podesta and Delavan exercised a bit of common sense? Possibly. Maybe even probably. It was damned close in the swing states.
  On the other hand, there is a lot of frustration after eight years of King Barack, so maybe Trump would have won anyway. But, for all the outrage over Russian hacking, where is the outrage over the hacks that ran Hillary’s campaign? She employs people so incompetent that they fall for a phishing scam? That’s pathetic and speaks volumes about her lack of qualifications to operate a Seven Eleven, much less run the country.
  Where’s the outrage over the contents of those e-mails. Hey, I don’t support violating anyone’s privacy, but – privacy having been violated – the insight we got into the way Hillary and her gang of stooges operate is cringe-worthy. In many cases, we saw e-mails that were more cringe-worthy than the nastiest of Trump’s tweets, which is saying something.
  Anyway, whether he had anything to do with the Podesta “hack”, Putin is clearly happy that Trump won. Why? Probably because he thinks he can deceive Trump as he deceived George W. Bush for part of his terms and Barack Obama for most of his. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, but I think it’ll take a little more to fool the Donald than it took to fool the idiots who ran Hillary’s campaign.
  e-mail: rich@examinerpublications.com



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