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London Burnin’ - 01/10

By Rich Trzupek
  According to Stephen Timms, a minister of parliament in the United Kingdom, the city of London has more acid attacks per capita than any other city in the world.
  Shortly after Timms’ unhappy news hit the streets, the UK Sun ran a story about the epidemic under the headline “London acid attack map reveals the areas of the capital too dangerous for delivery drivers because of the epidemic. Moped drivers now stop work after dark because of the danger of attacks.”
  One delivery driver said: “We used to work till 2 a.m. - now people are stopping before 10 p.m. After 8 or 9 p.m., we’re not going to those dangerous places.”
  I have no small personal interest in this trend because my daughter and son-in-law live and work in London. It is shocking, but in context not surprising, that cosmopolitan London is now the world leader in one of the cruelest and most cowardly forms of assault around. Flinging acid into someone’s face is barbarous.
  Most, though not all, of the acid attacks are adherents of one particular religious faith. We’re of course not to identify that faith, for in this single instance pointing out that an outrage was carried out in the name of religion supposedly impugns every single member of said religion.
  It is as if nobody talked about the atrocities carried out in the name of the Catholic faith by the Spanish Inquisition, because people are too thick to understand not all Catholics keep a rack in their cellar just in case they run into a heathen.
  (By the way, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition - in case you were wondering.)
  I hope the UK and the other European nations facing similar problems find the courage to face them with clear eyes and deal with them firmly and fairly. And when I say “fairly” I mean not just with regards to members of a particular religion that might take offense. Yes, they should be treated fairly, but so should the rest of the citizens of the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and other parts of Europe where religiously-motivated thugs cluster, are slowly but surely tearing apart the foundations of civilized society.
  One of the basic functions of government is to protect its citizens. Clearly, the nation’s mentioned above, along with much of the rest of Europe – my wise Polish cousins and their strict “no migrant policy” offering one of the few exceptions – have failed in that duty. They failed by letting huge numbers of migrants cross their borders without ensuring the migrants were properly vetted. They continue to fail, by refusing to root out the nests of vipers who throw acid and wield knives in the name of God.
  I can imagine only two ways that Europe wakes up to stop this painful, slow-slide towards barbarism and fanaticism: The barbarians do something so terrible they cannot be ignored, or some magnetic leader emerges who can unite the civilized portion of their nation (“civilized” being defined by behavior, not religious affiliation).
  The recently released film “Darkest Hour” chronicles the singular accomplishment of just such a leader: Winston Spencer Churchill’s saving the United Kingdom and, perhaps, western civilization as we had known it.
  It is often believed that Churchill responded to an overwhelming call from the British populace when he replaced the befuddled Neville Chamberlain. Not so. When Churchill took office, the Brits were seriously considering pulling out of the war. For some, the Nazis weren’t so bad and after the shabby treatment they endured following the Great War, perhaps they were entitled to a few excesses. Lord Halifax, Churchill’s chief competition for prime minister, almost certainly would have let Hitler have his way.
  But it was Churchill who was chosen and it was Churchill who managed to unite and inspire Britain to hold out long enough for the American Eagle and Russian Bear to join forces with the British Lion. Can we find such a leader again? I pray we do.
  For, that other alternative, an act of terror that approaches or exceeds the horror of 9-11 is the only other thing that will wake the multitudes from their long nap. Such an event is practically inevitable, unless somebody, somehow, can get the Old World to act – and act soon.
  Email: rich@examinerpublications.com



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