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Open and honest government? Not in Wayne Township

Incrementally, but steadily, Wayne Township Republicans are being disenfranchised by Party Chairman Randy Ramey, whose naked pursuit of power and access to public coffers demonstrates his utter disregard for our electoral system and his utter contempt for us, the voters.

With inadequate notice to party regulars, Ramey rammed through his slate of handpicked township candidates on October 11. Not only did Ramey fail to provide 30 days notice for his slick maneuver, he further violated the Wayne Township Republican Organization’s bylaws, which prohibit endorsements other than for a general election, by slating for next April’s local election.

The result is that Ramey and his trough-feeding flunkies essentially awarded themselves over one million dollars in salaries and benefits by thwarting what should be an open and honest process. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the pensions taxpayers will be funding until the day these power-grabbing politicos die.

But all hope is not lost.

Next Tuesday, December 4, is the party caucus, which offers Republicans one last chance to prevent the complete corruption of the nomination process and the disgrace of Wayne Township government. By turning out in numbers, concerned Republicans can amend the organization’s rules to allow nominations from the floor and provide a forum for an honest and transparent vetting of candidates.

Several good men have stepped forward as potential candidates to offer an alternative to the Ramey machine, and they will only have a chance to be heard and a chance to lead in Wayne Township if Republicans turn out Tuesday night. All precinct captains need to attend the caucus, and they need to bring their families, friends, and neighbors to ensure that the process is open and honest—whatever the ultimate result.

The caucus will begin at 7:15 p.m. (sign-in at 6:30 p.m.) at St. Andrews Golf and Country Club, 2241 Route 59 in West Chicago.

The Republicans whom Ramey would silence and trample over have the right to know and nominate the candidates who will become the township officials who, in turn, will collect the salaries and benefits we will pay and whose governance we must live under. If Republicans do not show up, they will forfeit their franchise and suffer four more years of appalling Ramey cronyism in Wayne Township.
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