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Bartlett Endorsements II

Bartlett Fire Protection District
(vote for two)
  Bartlett Fire Protection District Trustee Jim McCarthy has been a strong and effective leader, indispensible in keeping the District clean of and free from the pernicious influences clutching for control of the board, its jobs, and its influence. As Board President, McCarthy has been a good steward of public funds, and the District continues apace in the right direction. Bartlett needs to retain McCarthy.
  Newcomer Jay Langfelder is well respected inside and outside the Fire District, and for good reason. Beyond his involvement in Bartlett civic life, Langfelder has been a regular presence at Fire District meetings and has spent many hours, one-on-one, in conference with Fire Chief Mike Falese. As a result, Langfelder has become well-acquainted with the operations and financing of the Fire District, as well as the elected and staff leadership. On his first day in office, Langfelder will walk in with the knowledge and rapport to represent us well and lead.

  Rounding out the field is perennial candidate and ally of the darker forces in Bartlett, Patti Hanson. Unlike Langfelder, she has attended zero Fire District meetings over the past two years, which is evident in her uninformed and unrealistic policy proposals. Then again, she’s been busy doing the dirty work of the McGuire-Airdo-Ryerson Kelly axis, objecting to the nominating paperwork of a library board candidate whose great sin was to not be part of their political machine. In fairness, Hanson was correct in one respect when she recently opined: “I believe the district provides top notch services to the entire district.” Yes it does, and the last thing the Fire District needs is to return to the ruinous old days when Hanson’s McGuire cronies reigned with disgrace.
  McCarthy and Langfelder are strongly endorsed. 
Bartlett Public Library District
(three open seats)
  The Library District is yet another public institution under threat. With two seats already under the control of the Machine, morale is down and anxiety is up among the stacks as things change for the worse. Over the last year, we lost our superman director, Todd Morning, to retirement; and Morning’s protégé, the much-beloved Assistant Director Susan Westgate, slipped away when the board hired a new director from the outside. With two foxes already in the chicken coop (Trustees Hopkins and Darge) and a new director inexperienced with the shadier political forces in town, the Library District is at risk of devolving into a patronage job factory much like Hanover Township and its models in Chicago and Cook County.
  While three seats open, we recommend voting for only two:

Ed Novak and Dave Barry. We can offer no criticism of incumbent Thomas Perkins, who has over many years proven his dedication to the library. Perkins, however, has a broad and deep constituency; so, we expect him to be the highest vote-getter, with our without our endorsement.
  By voting for only Novak and Barry, voters increase the weight of their votes and thereby increase the chances of thwarting the takeover of that board by the addition of a Francine Byron. With three candidates in place, the Machine would have a majority of aquorum and, therefore, the ability to abuse their power and politicize the library and the many jobs available there for patronage hiring. Both Novak and Barry are serious men with a fine mixture of business, legal, and management backgrounds. They will be valuable additions to that board.
  Byron, on the other hand, is well connected to the McGuire-Airdo-Ryerson Kelly axis, and if they are not stopped here, the library will cease to be the welcoming, service-oriented place it is cherished for being. Employees can expect to live in fear, with morale plummeting to great depths, as it has in Hanover Township and Bartlett Village Hall. With the most fiscally responsible governance for miles around—a balanced budget and no debt—the library is ripe for the picking. And boondoggles, like Hanover Township’s EMA, will surely follow and surely cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with quality library services.
  To keep the library fiscally sound, to keep its integrity in tact, and to keep it a model civic institution, we urgently endorse Ed Novak and Dave Barry.
Electric Referendum: Vote “NO”
  Currently, residents of Bartlett have the option of choosing their electricity provider, with ComEd delivering the power through its infrastructure. If the Village Board has its way, the Village will negotiate the provider and price for all residents unless they opt out.
  In an advisory referendum last year, voters loudly told the Village Board: “No!” But the overweening meddlers at Village Hall are intent on dictating from above and are abusing the referendum process in this second effort to gain political cover for their designs.
  As we explained the first time around, this is a needless power grab. The devil in is the details, and the past year’s events have shown that Village President Mike “We can do whatever we want” Airdo and his toadies can not and should not be trusted to put the residents’ best interests before their own. Even the non-partisan watchdog group Citizens Utility Board likewise has many reservations about ceding such authority to local officials.
  Will they next try to tell us where to buy our gas? Our groceries?
  There is no legitimate reason to substitute these scheming bureaucrats’ judgment for our own good judgment. There is no good reason to surrender more freedom to government, particularly when the leaders of that government have repeatedly proven themselves so unworthy of our trust.
  Vote “NO.”
Wayne Township Highway Commissioner
  For too many years, incumbent Ken Spitz has been collecting very big checks for doing very little work. He seems to know it too, judging by his cooperation with his best buddy and Republican Committeeman Randy Ramey to prevent party regulars from having an open and democratic opportunity to consider other candidates.
  The overwhelming majority of Wayne Township residents—Republicans and Democrats alike—who pay his unearned and exorbitant salary have been deprived of a real choice. Which is why this unashamedly conservative publication is endorsing Democrat challenger Martin McManamon.
  With a quarter century of professional road-building experience under his belt, McManamon looks forward to making a full-time job of Highway Commissioner. Beginning in his youth as a road construction laborer and continuing today as an overseer with wide and deep areas of responsibility, McManamon will bring the expertise that has been lacking under Spitz’s rudderless, incompetent tenure.
  It’s time for the office of Wayne Township Highway Commissioner to cease being a political sinecure marked by self-dealing and absenteeism. Instead, it’s time for effective road management, high ethics, fiscal accountability, and hard work. We believe that McManamon is the man to bring about that sort of change, and he is endorsed.

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