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Cheap Seats Online 2015 Part B

Blame - 10/07/15
By Rich Trzupek:   Another terrible mass shooting in America and another predictable and pointless knee-jerk react...

By Rich Trzupek:   As the Republican race for Presidential nominee progresses, three candidates have emerged fro...

Freedom, Religion and You
By Rich Trzupek:   I like Mike Huckabee, I think he’s a genuine guy I agree with him on the issues more ofte...

Choices: Two
By Rich Trzupek:   Growing up, my mother often invoked a version of the “starving kids in India” parad...

Lives Matter - 09/02/15
By Rich Trzupek:   Here we are, a seemingly civilized nation – which we pretty much are, if one ignores that...

Courage, Cowardice and Hypocrisy - 08/26/15
By Rich Trzupek:   A video of Texas Senator and Presidential candidate discussing/debating gay marriage with act...

The Dems Hillary Problem - 08/12/15
By Rich Trzupek:   Six months ago I would have bet my publisher’s life savings that Hillary Clinton would be...

Tissue Paper - 08/05/15
By Rich Trzupek:   In general, I believe far too many people today are far too sensitive about word choice. A host...

Heroically Speaking - 07/29/15
By Rich Trzupek:   They said it:   “I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy...

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