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Bartlett Village Endorsements

Bartlett Village President
  This race is unprecedented in its critical importance to the civic health of our community. Kevin Wallace is experienced, qualified, and the only choice to restore integrity, accountability, and civility to Village Hall.
  Ever since our unelected, power-mad, and nasty Village President Mike Airdo and his cronies presided over the devastating resignation of Mike Kelly, our village government has day-by-day lost the respect of its residents, business owners, and neighboring communities. After appointing political crony Patricia Ryerson Kelly (who is neither relation nor friend to Mike Kelly), Airdo has presided over one scandal after another—from his own uncovered assault on Bartlett police officers to Trustee Greg Martin’s business license shenanigans to the village administrator’s son’s miraculous hiring by Airdo’s law firm while potentially embarrassing public records about Airdo were being withheld from public view by the village administrator’s office.
  Add to that incumbent trustee Ryerson Kelly’s documented political connections to Chicago ward politics, her campaign’s documented relationships with local dirt-digging political operatives, and her cozy relationships with both Airdo and Hanover Township villain Brian McGuire, and voters can be sure she is not, as she argues, the solution to our problems but rather a central part of the problem herself. As for the third and last-minute candidate, Ted Lonis, we think it’s more than fair to speculate that Ryerson Kelly’s camp recruited him to split the vote, cynically betting that female voters will choose a sole female candidate in a field of three. With her connections to the Chicago Democrat Machine and Lonis’s leadership position as Democratic Chairman in Wayne Township, it’s hard to view it any other way.
  And its also a good bet that we’ll see in our mailboxes an 11th hour hit piece on Kevin Wallace, mailed right before election day so that he has no time to respond. This is what we’ve come to expect from the Chicago politicians who’ve invaded our village—dirt, deceit, and disgrace.
  With so much to vote against, we risk overlooking the fact that Wallace has much to recommend him. As a member of Bartlett’s Economic Development Commission, Wallace has cultivated and demonstrated a mastery of the issues confronting our village. He further exhibited his civic commitment and leadership qualities as Chairman of the Board of the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, Wallace has been an innovative and wildly successful entrepreneur in the financial industry. Perhaps more than any other asset, this private sector perspective and acumen distinguish him from most of the current board members who live the fantasy world of dreaming, taxing, and spending—the same realm from which the disastrous Town Center failure came.
  We have a clear choice between good, Wallace, and bad, Ryerson Kelly. It’s more than a difference of opinion: it’s right versus wrong, and Bartlett’s future hangs in the balance.
  Wallace is enthusiastically endorsed.
Bartlett Village Trustees (vote for three)
  As important as it is to elect Kevin Wallace as our new Village President, sending him to village hall alone will leave him crippled by the political agendas of the low-character incumbents or candidates who populate the field.
  Three candidates will be elected and, quite fortunately, three impressive residents have stepped forward to put an end to the vile politics now regnant at Village Hall. They are: Aaron Reinke, Mike Camerer, and Vince Carbonaro—each sincere, honest, and talented in their area of expertise.

  Reinke is the rare attorney we can recommend in a world where attorneys are wildly overrepresented in government.
He is a kind-hearted and humble counselor with vast experience in municipal law derived from representing municipalities throughout the area. In a village run amok with meddling bureaucrats interested in overregulating every aspect of our lives, Reinke will provide a learned and credible counterweight to the authoritarian impulses of Village Hall, steering the village away from costly litigation and freeing homeowners and business to enjoy their property without undue interference.

  Camerer, for decades running a small business in Bartlett, is the much-beloved chiropractor to scores of residents. Honest and wise, 
Camerer has amply demonstrated his commitment to Bartlett.

 He has served as president of the Rotary Club, financial director of the Village Church of Bartlett, assistant Boy Scout scoutmaster, and a member of the Bartlett Park District Aquatic Advisory Committee. Camerer was also a founding member of the Bartlett Veterans Memorial Foundation and currently serves on the board of the Bartlett Learning Center. He will offer a thoughtful, compassionate voice and will be the type of gentleman the Village Board will do well to have sitting upon the dais.
  Carbonaro, a professional accountant and the chief financial officer of Global Intermodal Transport, is seeking to serve a community in desperate need of fiscal discipline.

His technical expertise and experience, along with 27 years living in Bartlett and being a former village employee, allows him great understanding of the minutia of the village budget on both the revenues and expenditures sides. Carbonaro knows where the waste is, and he’s not afraid to talk about it. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a certified Illinois police officer, which will allow him important insight when working with the village’s largest group of employees—the Bartlett Police Department. Carbonaro is a no-nonsense leader who will be a welcome addition and reformation to a Village Board mired in nonsense for the last two years.

  Also running is Dennis Nolan, who’s been sitting on the board for almost 20 years, since early in Bill Clinton’s first term in the White House. Over those two decades, Nolan has, been petulant, sanctimonious, petty, overbearing, and ineffective. He also appears to have been a self-dealer at the taxpayers’ expense. Remember that it was Nolan, along with Mike Airdo, who pushed to extend the downtown TIF district, preserving a slush fund for the Village Board to hand out favors. The same TIF district in which Nolan keeps his law office. The same TIF district that rebated tax dollars from that slush fund to pay for improvements to the building in which Nolan keeps his law office. Perhaps Nolan thought nobody would notice or nobody would care. Either way, he demonstrates contempt for the residents of Bartlett, a strong indication that he’s been in office far too long and is unworthy of our trust.
  Then, we have another Brian McGuire crony who may seem new to the public scene, but who is known to us. Michelle Hughes, wife of longtime McGuire hanger-on and Cook County worker Jason Hughes, is running as the “voice of the commuter.” Taking her most recent political flyer as evidence of the quality of her candidacy, we have doubts about her merit—doubts that go well beyond her alliances with the worst elements in Bartlett, Hanover Township, and Cook County politics. Not only does her platform show a dangerous blend of ignorance and obtuseness regarding downtown Bartlett’s traffic and safety, her handout is marred by glaring typographical errors. And while such errors are of no moral consequence, they sound a loud warning. If Hughes cannot bother to proofread a 4-inch wide handout when seeking to make a good first impression in her pursuit of a trustee seat, how are we to believe that she will pay careful attention to the reams of printed materials a trustee must study to govern effectively? If Bartlett were a business and the voters were the hiring committee, Hughes’s resume would go directly into the wastebasket, along with any hope of us hiring her. So goes her candidacy.
 Finally, attorney Angelina Filippo rounds out the field. A South Elgin attorney, she is little known in Bartlett civic life. Though we have no basis to opine on her personal character and, therefore, will not, she too appears to have troubling political associations. Her campaign contact person is Gary Hyman. What are the odds that this South Elgin lawyer’s Gary Hyman is the same South Elgin Gary Hyman who set off a nasty political battle in that community by objecting to other politicians’ nominations petitions? It reminds us of similar tactics being employed by Patti Hanson and other friends of Patricia Ryerson Kelly, Mike Airdo, Brian McGuire, et al.  We don’t need more of these types of political operatives further debasing our civic life in Bartlett. So, we would prefer that Ms. Filippo not inject Hyman, South Elgin politics, and additional rancor into our village.
  In summation, we implore residents to get out and vote in this most crucial election. If we can elect Kevin Wallace as Village President and Mike Camerer, Vince Carbonaro, and Aaron Reinke, to join T.L. Arends as Village Trustees, we will in one stroke restore honor and decency to a overwhelming majority of the board.
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