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Tornados - 12/22
By Rich Trzupek   There’s an old saying that to a carpenter equipped only with a hammer, every probl...

Is That a Fact? - 12/16
By Rich Trzupek   One of the things I’m going to miss most about having the Orange Man in the White ...

COVID For All! - 12/02
By Rich Trzupek   Friends, as it appears we are about to embrace socialism anyway, let’s go all in. ...

Flames - 11/18
By Rich Trzupek   Not quite 100 years ago the newly elected leader of a widely-respected, civilized nation...

Victory, Defeat and Spaces In Between - 11/11
By Rich Trzupek   Before we get into the election, or possibly the lack of an election, allow me to take this oppo...

The Uncivil War - 11/04
By Rich Trzupek   I write this column aware that when it comes out in print on Nov. 4 one of two things will be tr...

Rickman’s Run and Shopping’s Done - 10/28
By Rich Trzupek   Greetings Cheap Seat fans and Cheap Seat haters. I’m baaack!   Reporting fro...

Toxic Journalism - 10/07
By Rich Trzupek   Another Sunday and another hit piece by that fraud of a journalist Michael Hawthorne pol...

Kass Out - 09/30
By: Rich Trzupek   If you were born a decade or so after me, which is to say you’re 50 years of age ...

Progressive Peace - 09/23
By Rich Trzupek   Interesting world progressives live in. It kind of resembles reality, but only vaguely. ...

Good Bye Land of Stinkin - 09/09
By Rich Trzupek   This has been a long time coming, but the “Fair Tax” is the last straw. I&rs...

One for the History Books - 08/26
By Rich Trzupek   Every once in a while, in the midst of madness, there’s a flicker of light that of...

Nothing But Grey Skies - 08/19
By Rich Trzupek   Six former EPA Administrators published a letter Wednesday that offered some thinly veil...

You Can’t do That - 08/12
By Rich Trzupek   Consider British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli’s classic quote: “There ar...

Called It! - 07/29
By Rich Trzupek   It’s been three quick years since I wrote my last book, but I think the following passage ...

Prayer For America - 07/22
By Rich Trzupek   I weep for my country, once a beacon of hope in a troubled world, once proud, unashamed ...

Here and Now - 07/08
By Rich Trzupek   America in 2020 features a whole lot of conversations about how we should be and how we ...

False Alarm - 07/01
By Rich Trzupek   Dear Readers: I was privileged to be provided an advance copy of “False Alarm: How...

Tantrums - 06/24
By Rich Trzupek   The essential, insolvable problem with anarchy is that it creates a void in the structur...

Deja PU - 06/10
By Rich Trzupek   We’ve been here before, I’m sorry to say. It was 52 years ago. A pandemic be...

Common Sense - 06/03
By Rich Trzupek   Three cheers for Illinois Circuit Court judge Michael McHaney. As more of America devolves i...

Red vs. Blue - 05/27
   By Rich Trzupek   We’re all doing our best to economize these days, so I’ll do my best...

Out Like Flynn - 05/13
By Rich Trzupek   It’s no secret that President Barack Obama did not like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn whe...

One Trick Pony - 05/06
By Rich Trzupek   They say that when the only thing in a carpenter’s toolbox is a hammer, ever proje...

Enough - 04/29
By Rich Trzupek   The time has come to say “enough.” The initial round of stay-at-home orders made...

We Got This - 04/15
By Rich Trzupek   There are plenty of things to worry about as we enter pandemic recovery mode. The health...

Notes from the Bunker - 04/08
By Rich Trzupek   Greetings fellow survivors. I hope the day finds you well and your shelves overflowing w...

Surviving the Blitz - 04/01
By Rich Trzupek   Many have observed that a crisis often brings out the best in humanity. It is a joyful, ...

Double Standards - 03/25
By Rich Trzupek   In light of the current state of emergency, we should have a frank discussion about standard...

Stayin Alive - 03/11
By Rich Trzupek   This is what comes of living in one of the healthiest, safest most prosperous nations in...

Primary Blues - 03/04
By Rich Trzupek   The election was about six months away. Everyone believed that it would be as important ...

Bloom goes Boom - 02/26
By Rich Trzupek   Did not see that coming! Like a lot of folks, I could not see the DNC letting Bernie win...

Of Austrian Corporals - 02/19
By Rich Trzupek   Can’t remember who came up with it, but there’s a rule of discourse that goe...

Who Knew? - 02/12
By Rich Trzupek   A million or so years ago, long before anybody had dreamed of anything like the interweb...

The Credulous Boomer Rube Demo - 02/05
By Rich Trzupek   In case you missed it (and you probably did because who watches CNN anymore?) former Rep...

Na? Hah! - 01/29
By Rich Trzupek   Welcome to America in the 21st century folks: The land of humorless, self-important jerk...

This and That - 01/22
By Rich Trzupek   In case you missed it:   - Actress Gwenyth Paltrow is marketing a scented candle t...

World War Naught - 01/15
By Rich Trzupek   Immediately after the US took out Iranian terror-master Qasem Soleimani the left and the...

Never Again Again - 01/08
By Rich Trzupek   Asked to explain the rise in Anti-Semitic assaults in his city New York Mayor Bill DeBla...

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