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Consequences - 02/17

By Rich Trzupek
  The following open letter to Senator Ben Sasse (R – NE) will be forwarded to the Senator upon publication on The Examiner web-site.
  Dear Senator Sasse,
  I am a relatively new resident of Nebraska, having lived my first sixty-one years in Illinois before my wife and I moved to Lincoln last fall. We had several reasons to make the move, but high on the list was escaping the corruption and incompetence that the liberals running have foisted upon Prairie State residents, cloaking their destructive policies in terms of “compassion” and “unity.”
  I was therefore more than a little disappointed to find that one of the senators of my newly adopted state said, in justification of his vote to impeach ex-President Trump: “…let’s be clear about why this is happening. It’s because I still believe, as you used to, that politics isn’t about the weird worship of one dude.”
  Anyone who could utter such nonsense is clearly out of touch with their conservative constituents. It’s not about Trump. It’s about Trumpism. It’s about rejecting the idea that our elected representatives have to consult polling data, their media relations team and congressional staff before daring to utter an opinion on a subject. It’s about believing that one can support border security and not be a racist. It’s about somebody finally calling out the mainstream media for what it in fact is: a communications branch of the Democrat party.
  It’s about the Second Amendment. It’s about respecting the sanctity of life from conception through natural death. It’s about not wrecking the economy to satisfy climate change pacts that will do nothing to alter whatever climate change is actually occurring. It’s about being proud to be an American and proud of America’s history. And it’s about realizing that, like every other person who has walked the earth (save One) Americans have and will continue to make mistakes, but that does not lessen America’s overwhelming influence as a force for good in the world.
  Half the country voted for Donald Trump, not because he instilled these beliefs. We held them before he came along and we will continue to hold them now that he is out of office. Further, the next time somebody comes along who reflects those beliefs, we will do our damnedest to elect him or her. We will vote for such a person even if that person is once again a brash New Yorker who says what’s on his mind without employing a politically correct filter.
  We are sick and tired of political correctness and censorship. We respect our political opponents’ right to express their opinions whenever and however they want and we expect them to do the same without hiding behind words like “hate speech” or “inflammatory rhetoric.” A nation where you can’t use the word “fight” in a speech without being accused of inciting a riot is a nation that has lost its mind.
  You dismiss our concerns about the 2020 election with derision. Yet, every election includes some degree of voter fraud. It is such a feature of Illinois politics, for example, that my former state regularly opens up a “voter fraud hotline” so that people may report the improprieties that inevitably occur.
  I hope that you are not so naïve to believe that voter fraud does not occur in every election and that most of that fraud takes place in large cities run by Democrats. For example, it is very well established, by liberal journalist Sy Hersh among others, that Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and mobster Sam Giancana delivered Illinois, and by extension the Presidency to John F. Kennedy 1960. Not much has changed in the Windy City since then. Shoot, not so long ago Jesse Jackson Jr won an election with 85 percent of the vote, while he was in jail.
  One assumes therefore that you don’t believe that effect of voter fraud was decisive in the 2020 Presidential election. Perhaps you’re right. At this point it’s certainly a moot point, but I don’t besmirch those who raised wholly legitimate concerns about what happened or the candidate who called upon those who shared those concerns to fight peacefully and patriotically.
  A final thought Senator. Your calls for “unity” and “reaching across the aisle,” are in practice calls for people who believe as I do to surrender. That’s not going to happen. The opposition is entitled to whatever positions they want to take and we are entitled to do everything legally within our power to defeat them. And if that sounds like fighting words to you Senator, get used to it.
  Rich Trzupek

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