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Tell it to the Taliban - 08/18

By Rich Trzupek
  Forbes, Thursday, August 12: “As Afghan security forces battle Taliban fighters near several major cities on Thursday, U.S. intelligence officials warned that Afghanistan’s capital city and the seat of its government, Kabul, could fall to the Islamist militant group within 90 days, an assessment that could raise further questions about U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to rapidly pull out all U.S. troops from the country.”
  The MSM, whose number one priority is to defend their own tenuous credibility and by extension the apparent credibility of their champion of the day, completely bought in to the “90 day theory,” though reality would not cover even 90 hours before the Islamic fanatics demonstrated how impotent the administration of President Dementia is on the world stage.
  Hair-Plug in Chief of course found a way to blame the fiasco on Orange Man Bad. Trump was the one who worked out the peace agreement with the Taliban. Blame him for putting me in this impossible situation. Cripes, this was more scary than having to face down Corn Pop!
  If you’re a Taliban, who is going to scare you more? Are you more worried about Trump, the wild man who doesn’t give a damn about popular opinions or political correctness, or Biden, the career politician who never met a diplomatic challenge he couldn’t waltz away from?
  Trump’s the guy who got moderate Gulf states into line with respect to the only democracy in the Middle East, aka: Israel. Biden’s the guy who was too chicken-hearted to take out bin Laden. Joe claimed that “America is back” with respect to his (more correctly, his handler’s) foreign policy. That’s almost right. “America is showing you our back” would be closer to the truth. The fall of Kabul in 2021 undermines American influence around the world every bit as much, and probably more, that the fall of Saigon did in 1975.
  Let’s not forget what I will loosely call our military “leadership” either. The current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mike Milley, is an embarrassment whose career appears to have been defined by figuring out how long and how deep he could shove his nose into influential behinds.
  But, what do I know? I’m a white guy and according to General Candy-Ass white guys are the greatest threat to America’s security, EVER! Not the increasing chaos that is engulfing so many once-great cities. Not China’s ever-expanding influence in the world that goes along with a total disregard for human rights. Not the murderous intolerance and megalomania of fundamentalist Islam. Nope. Job #1 for Mikey Milley is protecting America from white guys.
  Because, you know, January 6 and all that. Surely you remember how scary January 6 was? That time when a bunch of white guys – OK, there were some Black, Hispanic and Asian guys too – and yes there were some women as well – but really, the white guys were at fault. Where was I? Oh yeah, January 6. That’s when a bunch of white guys, and a few other people misled by white guys, stormed the Capital of the United States to protest the shadiest election in American History this side of Rutherford B. Hayes, which led to carnage the likes of which has not been seen in the United States – except for pretty much every day in Chicago – or Seattle – OK, DC too – and Baltimore – let’s not forget New York – but really, let’s get back on track here…
  Forget about Kabul. Forget about the death of our cities. Keep your eye on those evil white guys and never, never, never forget that whatever else goes wrong in America, it’s Trump’s fault.
  Email: richtrzupek@gmail.com

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